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2x2-axle open car transport wagon Laaers

This open-type vehicle is suitable for the transportation of cars and vans capable of being driven independently over an end-loading ramp and several wagon units. These vehicles have undergone optimisation in terms of payload and loading width, above all in order to do justice to latest market requirements. The height of the upper loading deck is infinitely adjustable, thus catering for universal use. A total of 64 wheel chocks are available for cargo-securing purposes.

Technical Details

Loading length on upper deck

30,550 mm

Loading length on lower deck

30,070 mm

Net weight

29.6 t

Payload on upper deck

18.0 t

Payload on lower deck

18.0 t

Wheel load of cars

1.0 t

Wheelset load at end of unit

18.0 t

Wheelset load in centre of unit

16.0 t