Providing Professional Engineering Services

The journey of thousands of miles begins with the first step from humble beginning back in 2009. 
Trendline engages in the business of railway maintenance and consulting services, engineering equipment and parts and is led and run by experienced and committed Directors and its team of experienced, skilled, competent and dedicated personnel. The strength of Trendline also lies in its Railway Maintenance Technologies and know-how as well as the commitment to provide our clients with innovative, timely and value for money services. 
We have progressed significantly and now emerged as a reputable player in niche market of railway maintenance depot handling equipment turnkey solutions which requires considerable technical expertise with equipment as well as working in the strict code of supervision and requirement. Established the long term strategic partnerships with Spanish Technology Developer in Automation, Railway, Aviation, Energy and other well known International partner. 

Our Capabilities

Realistic, practical and solution driven innovations

Railway Maintenance Technologies

ARIES designs and supplies the most efficient and precise turnkey railway maintenance and testing systems thanks to the use of the most advanced technologies and the meticulous performance of our experts, with the aim of meeting with high precision the requirements that the railway market demands.


Innovation, functionality and quality characterize the solutions we provide to clients of all sizes that need to comply with new passive and active safety regulations across different markets.​

Aerospace and Defense

ARIES Aerospace & Defense division is internationally recognized for its technology development, innovation, quality and efficiency. The company offers engineering services, design, supply, start-up, operation, and logistic support for a wide range of Security, Defense and Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS)


ARIES Industrial division designs and manufactures advanced electro-mechanical systems. It is a recognized world leader in the field of testing systems providing unparalleled experience in the analysis, design and production of a wide array of leading edge, high precision and efficient systems for applications in Automotive, Aerospace and Rail systems, precision motion control and structural dynamics where high performance and precision matters.


ARIES provides complete structural and seismic test laboratories to perform quasi-static, pseudo-dynamic and dynamic tests in order to fully understand the failure mechanisms and collapse process of structures and to satisfy the requirements of civil and structural regulations worldwide.

Turnaround Approach Of Freight Railway And Port Operations

Turning around of rail freight logistics and port operations by firstly understanding the roles of freight railways and port operations within the broader context of a country’s fright logistics strategy