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2-axle low-floor bogie

The 2-axle low-floor bogie is designed with a three-piece supporting frame. The main cross member is constructed completely of metal sheeting and bevelled profiles geared to S355J2G3 quality standards, welded and connected to the cast axle-bearing bridges mounted on both sides via progressive rubber roller springs. The axle-bearing bridges are flexibly mounted on wheelset bearings via ball adapters with all-metal-cushioned primary suspension. Mounted in the centre of the main cross member is a rotating pan with a sliding insert. The bridge of the wagon is supported laterally by the spring housing of the main cross member. Parallel to the rubber roller springs constituting the primary spring stage, friction dampers are installed for reasons of comfort. The calottes of the rotating pans together with the articulated frame cater for optimum balance of the axle-bearing load combined with good curve compliance of the bogie, which among other things results in lower start-up forces in the track curve. The wheelsets are equipped with monoblock wheel discs which also serve as a brake disc. The pitch circle diameter measures 520 mm and can be worn down to 480 mm. The ends of the axle shafts are equipped with TAROL bearings. Two hydraulic yaw dampers are mounted laterally for stabilising the bogie. BLS Lötschbergbahn AG uses bogies of this type.

Technical Details

Track gauge

1,435 mm


1,500 mm

Wheelset bearings – middle point

2,000 mm

Pitch-circle diameter of wheelsets

520/480 mm

Height of upper part on rotating pan (proceeding from 20 t wagon weight)

530 mm

Net weight

2.9 t

Speed, running proficiency

120 km/h