Turnaround Approach Of Freight Railway And Port Operations

Turnaround approach of freight railway and Port Operations. Turning around rail freight logistics and port operations by firstly understanding the roles of freight railways and port operations within the broader context of a country’s freight logistics strategy. We have expanded our service offerings by adding rail and port logistics strategy, integrated planning, Operations, privatisations, partnerships, […]


After-sales and technical support Our team of experienced technicians with more than 35 years of experience is always ready to help you optimize the life cycle cost of your systems We’re available by phone, and offer you an international network of partners that we trust and have authorized them with our brand name. REVISION CALIBRATION […]



Main Components

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Other Equipment

Other Equipment Rail / Road Shunter Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo. Mobile lifting Jack The purpose of this equipment is lifting/lowering complete train as per operator need for carry out Bogie Inspection . Rail/Road Rescue Unimog The purpose of this Rescue Unimog […]

Railway Track Maintenance Machine

Railway Track Maintenance Machine Tamping Machine Tamping machine is used in new ballasted railway track construction, overhaul and maintenance, to achieve geometric correction of the plain line and switch sections and enhance the compactness of ballast. Ballast Regulator The machine is suitable for cleaning ballast on the existing railway track, it is capable of lifting […]

Special Vehicle

Special Vehicle Multi-purpose Vehicle This vehicle is mainly used for catenaries construction, the installation and maintenance of the subway catenary upper facilities. It also can be used as tractive vehicle. Multi-purpose Vehicle Manufactured Kuala Lumpur for MRT Malaysia Line 1 Project Catenary Wire Setting (Maintenance) Wagon​ The Catenary Wire Setting (Maintenance) Wagon is mainly used for the […]

Heavy duty series BRE 1000 – 8000

HOME > Depot Equipment BRAKES & AIR CONDITIONING COMPRESSOR TEST BENCH BRE 1000 Weight 6.000 kg Towing capacity 150 tons Gauges: all BRE 2000 Weight 12.000 kg Towing capacity 350 tons Gauges: all BRE 4000 Weight 24.000 kg Towing capacity 700 tons Gauges: all BRE 6000 Weight 36.000 kg Towing capacity 1.000 tons Gauges: all […]

Rail Road series BRR 500 – 6000

HOME > Depot Equipment Rail Road series BRR 500 – 6000 BRR 2000 Weight 7.000 kg Towing capacity 300 tons Gauges: 1.435 and bigger BRR 3000 Weight 9.000 kg Towing capacity 450 tons Gauges: 1.435 and bigger BRR 4000 Weight 12.000 kg Towing capacity 600 tons Gauges: 1.435 and bigger BRR 6000 Weight 16.000 kg […]


HOME > Depot Equipment AUTOMATIC TEST BENCHES FOR RAILWAY BRAKING SYSTEMS CUSTOMER PROFILE Trains manufacturers/ homologation labs. SYSTEM DESCRIPTION Different kind of automatic benches: Brake distribution test bench. Brake valves test bench. Universal braking wagons test bench. Universal brake panels test bench. PROJECT SCOPE Overall system design.Final performance assurance. KEY TECHNOLOGIES System automation and instrumentation. […]