Providing Professional Engineering Services

Bogie Cleaning

Bogie Press

Testing train bogie assembly mounted on wheels by applying required vertical load onto bogie to check deflection of suspension system, bogie setup and measure individual wheel

Bogie Frame Rotator

Lift and rotate a bogie frame for routine inspection.

Bogie stand

Support a bogie frame for installation or dismantling of supporting
components (excluding wheel set, traction motors and gear box)


Wheel Profile Measuring System

Measures the wheel profile by using the optical camera and laser beam


Under/Above Floor Wheel Lathe

Re-profiling wheels and brake discs on all type of rolling stock.

Wheel Boring

Hub boring, chamfering, facing and oil groove machining for all wheels and axle gears of rolling stock. 

Wheel Press

Mounting and dismounting of wheels and traction gearwheels onto and from axles of rolling stock

Axle Lathe

Finish machining wheel seat, gearing seat and bearing seat on rolling stock axles.