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4-axle centre self discarge wagon Tanpps

The wagon is designed for the transportation of aggressive bulk products that require protection from certain weather conditions. Loading of the wagon takes place from above. The adjustable gravity discharge is either right, left or center via four individually controllable gates.

Through the use of:
– bogie typ DRRS 25L with the compact brake system
– stainless steel for the rotary
– Swing roofs made of aluminium
– special coating inside of carbody
The wagon has lower noise, lower maintenance and lower energy consumption.

Technical Details

Loading length

26,990 mm

Height of lower deck

820 mm

Net weight

36 t

Payload on upper deck

14.0 t

Payload on lower deck

14.0 t

Wheel load of cars

1.0 t

Wheelset load

16.0 t