Providing Professional Engineering Services

Test, Commission, Repair, Maintenance & Overhaul

This includes complete manufacturing of flat Wagons and overhaul of the Wagon / Rolling Stock systems which includes but not limited to of:

• Wagon / Car Body
• Bogie
• Coupler and Drawbar
• Propulsion System
• Vehicle Management System
• Traction Cooling System 
• Brake System 
• Pneumatic System 
• Door System 
• Primary Power System 
• Low Voltage System 
• Auxiliary System 
• Communications System 

 Earthing System 
• HVAC System 
• Detailed Wagon/Rolling Stock System Design, Testing and Commissioning. 
• Systems Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul, Testing and Commissioning as per the T&C plan & protocols. 
• Service Support Programs 
• Spares & Consumables support
• Modification & enhancement works for removing systems inefficiency factors 
• Certification for Revenue Operations 
• Defect Liability (Warranty) support

Project Management

• Ensure proper project initiation, planning, execution monitoring, controlling and close out meetings

• Provide the necessary experience, skills and railway know how in order to to achieve the project goals and objectives set by the client.  

• Establish work plans and staffing needs for each phase of project 

• Direct and coordinate activities of project personnel to ensure project progresses on schedule 

• Confer with project personnel to provide technical advice and to resolve problems 

• Assist in preparation of required project reports for Client 

• Ensure all required paperwork from subcontractors and suppliers is completed at appropriately designated times during the project 

• Communicates with all suppliers and subcontractors to be certain they understand performance standards related to predetermined schedules or plans and specifications. 

• Other relevant project related task require for successful completion of projects. 

System Integrations Management

• Provide the necessary experience, skill and railway know how in integrating all systems like communications, SCADA, signalling, power supply system, lightning protection, power rail, earthing system, PSD, AFC and other relevant sub system. 
• Provide the necessary guidance on documentation requirements 
• To review documents prepared internally and by sub-contractors and to suggest improvement prior to final submission to client. 
• Assist in the conceptual design document submission.

• Assist in the preliminary and final design. 
• Responsible for providing guidance on engineering process and document control 
• Interfacing with the client, to gain approval for design specifications 
• Responsible for managing supplier integration efforts 
• Manages the communication paths within the engineering project team and interfacing suppliers 
• Engages the Testing and Commissioning Manager at key stages of interface development to meet testing requirements.

Test & Commissioning Management

• Creating all Test and Commissioning Documentation 
• Planning and execution all Testing and Commissioning Activities 
• Documenting all Test and Commissioning Activities 

• Maintain, log and manage T&C anomalies. 
• Creating History Books for All Projects 
• Creating and Enforcing Compliance Lists

Technical Advisory Consultant

• Provide the expert technical advice and inputs to XXX for the execution of the relevant project. 
• To assist in document review 
• Identifying gaps in overall projects management 
• Serve as an authority in performing and coordinating the evaluations and resolution of technical issues 
• Detailed RST system assessment & deficiency report preparation. 
• Systems repair & overhaul list (Master BOQ) preparation. 
• Project planning for overhaul & repair (Service Program) 
• Procurement support of all spares and consumables 

• Project safety planning, Works safety analysis and Quality Assurance Planning. 
• Modification and enhancement works for removing systems inefficiency factors 
• Assembly and Sub-assembly testing of all system components 
• Testing and Commissioning of Rolling Stock as per the T&C plan & protocols. 
• Certification of Rolling Stock for Revenue Operations 
• Defect Liability (Warranty) support for Rolling Stock