Providing Professional Engineering Services

The most innovative, precise and efficient solutions for railway maintenance and testing


ARIES designs and supplies the most efficient and precise turnkey railway maintenance and testing systems thanks to the use of the most advanced technologies and the meticulous performance of our experts, with the aim of meeting with high precision the requirements that the railway market demands.

Our Core Solutions

Advanced technology

Train Lifting System

Simultaneous train lifting and bogie dismounting.

Powere IVM Measuring Systems

portable weigher for railway vehicles

The right distribution of the vertical forces, that each wheel statically loads on the track, is a key-factor to ensure the dynamic stability of any rolling stock and avoid abnormal wear in wheel/rail interaction. Unloaded wheels, especially on the diagonal side of a bogie, can significantly decrease the capacity of the bogie to safely run on twisted tracks, increasing derailment risk.

List Of Products

Car Frame Crushing Facility

Strength tests of railway vehicle structures for the homologation and optimization of new structures

Railway Infrastructure Accelerated Live Performance Test Facility

Test systems for the development and validation of high-speed rail geotechnical infrastructures.

Test benches

  • Brake benches
  • Fatigue: wagons, bogies, axels, wheels, control systems, etc.
  • Dynamic tests: impact absorbers, suspension, tracks, and ballast.
  • Roll simulation.
  • Inertial dynamometer for wheels, axels, and brakes.
  • For motors and reducers.
  • Monitoring and diagnostic equipment.

Vibration benches and equipment

  • Modal analysis of vehicle structures.
  • Train-track / track-train
  • vibration analysis.
  • Vibration analysis of rotating elements.
  • Equipment durability analysis.

Environmental Chambers

  • Climatic
  • Corrosion
  • HALT-HASS test systems