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Seat and head restraint

Best technology for passenger safety.

ARIES Seat and head restraint test bench is designed to perform tests on different seat framework configurations in a passenger vehicle through a wide range of positioning adjustments, all of them motorized to allow an easy test setup.

The system applies a constant moment respect to the H-point by means of a closed-loop controlled load actuator system, against one, two or three seating positions simultaneously. The systems accurately measures the deformation angle and displacements caused by pseudo human backforms applying a load against the head restraints.



Seat position configuration
1 Seat
2 Seat
3 Seats
2 + 1 Seats
Approx. dimensions (L x W x H)
2100mm x 2300 mm x 5000mm
Control System
Up to 100kg
Actuator load capacity
Head form: 300 daN
Back form: 500 daN

Different technical specifications under request.

The static load test system runs fully electric by means of user-friendly software which allows an easy and accurate operation.

Resistance of seats – ECE R80

ARIES offers a fully digitally controlled servo-hydraulic test system to perform impact tests against the back side of seats at different heights, according to applicable automotive regulations and R&D testing procedures.