Providing Professional Engineering Services


Besides manufacturing our routine wagons, we offer tailor-made production for specific purposes.

Our engineering department designs and customise wagons based on client’s requirements. Our production department evaluate and manufacture the customised wagons.


Renewing a railway fleet requires huge investment. That is why refurbishing is a growing demand in railway industry.

Refurbishing is one of our main services for Malaysian railway section. We always try to enhance refurbishment quality to make wagons on the move for a longer time.


Safety and mobility are of crucial importance, especially for the rail transportation and particularly the transportation of hazardous goods.

Our facilities meet all relevant safety standards, guarantee top quality results and provide us and our customers with nationwide coverage for repair and maintenance needs.

Coach Assembling

Our facilities have the capability of assembling any kind of coaches for railway transportation.

Repairing, refurbishing and restoration of coaches are also among services we provide for railway industry.