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Sled facilities

Reproduce inertial effects of real crashes.

ARIES’ sled facilities are designed to perform crash simulations over seats, restraints systems and other components, such as ISOFIX systems or battery tests, for research, development, certification or conformity of production, either over complete vehicles or automotive components.



The complete system includes a sled in a guided track and a combination of different types of propulsion and deceleration technologies to produce different types of deceleration pulses under different overall performances and flexibility.


  • Real time controller: Platform movements command
  • Positioning System: Based on RTK-DGPS
  • Control and Mission Planner Software Station: Mission creation/ modification / sending / position monitoring

Standard specifications


Max speed
80 km/h
Max payload / Gross Weight
1,000 kg / 2,000 kg
Max deceleration
90 g
Max acceleration
0.3 g (Specified by E-NCAP)
Min track length
25 m
± 0,25 km/h
SLED usable surface
Approx. 2,0 m x 2,1 m (W x L)
Control System
Manual from control panel

Different technical specifications under request.


  • ECE R14, ECE R16, ECE R17, ECE R44, ECE R80, ECE R100, ECE R126, ECE R129
  • FMVSS 202a, FMVSS 213
  • GB 11550-2009, GB 14166-2013