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ARIES provides complete structural and seismic test laboratories to perform quasi-static, pseudo-dynamic and dynamic tests in order to fully understand the failure mechanisms and collapse process of structures and to satisfy the requirements of civil and structural regulations worldwide.

Our Core Solutions

Seismic simulators

A shake table can provide the dynamic force necessary to replicate full-scale displacements, velocities and accelerations to different test articles and to simulate different real conditions such as earthquakes.
ARIES introduces a new lineup of compact shake tables, the 2 and 6 DoF models powered by Electromechanics actuators and the 6 DoF model powered by Hydraulic actuators are sold as turn-key equipment.


The MVA-6E-S shake table is based on a Stewart-Gough platform, a parallel robotic device featuring 6 Degrees of Freedom. The MVA-3E shake table is based on a parallel robotic device featuring 3 linear Degrees of Freedom.
The nature of these configurations allow for a high degree of accuracy in linear positioning tasks. These shakes tables exhibit an increased stiffness and bandwidth, making it ideal for applications which involve moving heavy loads at high linear accelerations, such as earthquake simulation.

Wind tunnels

ARIES wind tunnels can be customized in open or closed circuits, both for aerodynamic and atmospheric boundary layer applications. They are supplemented by our state-of-the-art control systems and software suites, to cover a wide range of performance and customer demands.

Test systems

  • Complete testing laboratories
  • Vibrators (electromagnetic, hydraulic)
  • Climatic chambers
  • Equipment maintenance

Our Partners

On-board systems

  • Stabilized platforms
  • Safety Test Technologies